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Bike Fit Cleat Wedges + Screws - 4-hole or Speedplay

"If you have tried speedplay then you are never looking back. Adding the wedges really stabilised my knee and foot when riding. Love em" - L Glen (verified customer)

Bike Fit Cleat Wedges 8-pack + Screws - 4-hole - for Speedplay cleats

Bike Fit system's wedges will correct any pronation or supination in the forefoot.

If you are reading this you must be aware of some issues with your bike fit, or you have had a professional bike fitting in the past and they have recommended cleat wedges.

In which case you may have experienced: 

  • Knee pain?
  • Leg length discrepancy?
  • Illiotibial band tightness and lateral knee pain?
  • Do you pronate?
  • Tightly clenched toes and/or aching on the outside of your feet during rides?
  • Feet hot spots?
  • Flat feet?
  • Lack of power?
  • Excessive movement of one or both legs while pedalling?
  • One foot that never feels quite right in the shoe/pedal?
  • One good leg, one not so good?

If you have any of the problems above, then of course we suggest having a bike fit first, but if not, then cleat wedges could be the answer. BikeFit cleat wedges have been know to solve the above issues.

Approximately 96% of the population has what is known as a forefoot tilt. This is where the front of your foot is not flat but rather has an angle or tilt. Modern clip-in pedal systems do not accommodate this tilt, instead forcing the foot into an unnatural flat position.

The body compensates for this with a lateral (side to side) motion of the knee during the pedal cycle. The result of increased lateral knee movement over time will cause pain and injury in the knee and any of the above symptoms. 

The Bike Fit Cleat Wedge is a simple solution to this problem. An in shoe wedge is a quick solution that is not permanent - if you like this you may want to consider a cleat wedge (see our other auctions). It is important to ensure that all other factors of your position are taken in to account at the same time i.e. saddle position, cleat position etc. 

For varus tilting feet, put the thick part on the inside of the shoe.

There are 3 types of cleat wedges designed for different types of shoes. Please click below if you need an alternative option:




How do we know if we need a cleat wedge?

Let's start by saying that cleat wedges should be prescribed by a bike fitter. However, if you prefer to experiment based on others recommendations, then look for the following signs.

If you have a turbo trainer, place a mirror straight ahead and watch your knees. Visualise the movement of your knees. If they drop into the bike at the bottom of the stroke, then bike fit cleat wedges may be right for you. 

If you don't have a turbo trainer, then consider a cleat wedge if you knees touch the top tube and / or your ankle touches the crank.