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Cactus Tongue SSL-R Wall Mounted Bike Hanger

Cactus Tongue SSL-R Wall Mounted Bike Hanger


Taylor Biddle design have created a wonderfully elegant bike wall mount that is both functional in its use and stylish in it's appearance. 

Known as the SSL-Roadie (or SSL-R for short), this cactus tongue space-saving design allows bikes to be mounted by the top tube on the frame or handlebars.

Available in a multitude of designs and colours, it shouldn't be an issue matching your bike and interior design.

Perfect for Wall Mounted Road Bike Storage.



"It's very compact and really well designed, ideal if you live in a flat or don't have access to outside spaceSir Paul Smith


This is an item for pleasure rather than a complete necessity. The Cactus Tongue is the perfect design for the young professional or avid cyclist looking for a stylish solution for their flat, or sweet pimped out garage.

Need we say more?