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Squire Inigma D-Lock - Bluetooth Smartphone Operated

"It’s the trailblazer for Squire’s new high security electronic locks and cylinders technology launched at IFSEC, which features Squire’s new digital security system called Inigma. Inigma BL1 works by using Bluetooth technology to communicate with the cyclist’s smartphone via the Inigma app download available on the App Store or Google Play. It is easy to set up, users simply register their details on the app, then pair the lock with their smartphone." - Locksmith Journal

Squire Inigma D-Lock - Bluetooth Smartphone Operated

The keyless Inigma U-lock by Squire with Bluetooth technology impressively shows that a smartphone app can be very helpful when using bike locks. The app allows you to lock and unlock the electronic lock via a secure Bluetooth connection. Inigma combines high encryption and solid security technology to offer high protection against thieves. The English Squire security experts for innovative security solutions are always looking for an even better security solution to stay one step ahead of thieves. Apart from an armoured lock body with a double locking shackle, the innovative locking mechanism gives thieves a tough time. The locking mechanism is controlled with the respective app on Android and iOS smartphones or Apple Watches. You don’t need a data connection for locking.

Additional interesting features further extend the range of functions. Thus, you can also control several Squire Inigma locks with just one smartphone and authorise other users to control the lock for a limited time and/or ban them after use. You can even see the recorded usage times in the Squire app. The Inigma U-lock is supplied with energy from a powerful battery that is integrated into the lock body and recharged via USB. To make sure you won’t run out of energy without noticing, the lock will send an alert to your smartphone once the battery is low. Once fitted to your bike with the frame mount, the smart Squire Inigma cuts a fine figure. The clear lines blend in well with modern urban bikes with angular tube shapes.


• Very robust U-lock for use in areas with high theft risk
• Controlled via app on the smartphone (also several Squire Inigma locks)
• For Android and iOS smartphones and smartwatches
• Bluetooth data connection with secure AES-256-Bit encryption
• Plastic-coated lock body made of reinforced aluminium
• Shackle Ø: approx. 28 mm
• Hardened boron steel shackle inside
• Locks both sides of the shackle inside the body
• Squire security rating 10 out of 10 (very high security)
• Inigma software download in AppStore or GooglePlay Store
• Easy menu navigation
• You may authorise other users to use the lock with their smartphones after registration and ban them afterwards
• User and access time available in the app

• You can control several locks with just one smartphone
• Built-in battery (battery life of approx. 4-5 months when fully charged)
• Alert via pp when battery is low
• Charging time via USB approx. 2 hours
• If the battery is completely discharged, you may use it with a mobile power bank
• On/off switch with indicator light
• Unlocking via on/off switch and app
• Lock release knob for opening
• Mechanical locking (without app)
• Squire product series: Sport BikeLok
• Dimensions: approx. 30 x 146 x 272 mm
• Inner dimensions: max. approx. 185 x 100 mm
• Weight: approx. 1250 g

In the box:
• Squire Inigma BL1 U-lock
• Frame mount with Velcro strap
• Security / QR code