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Squire Inigma Integrated Chain Lock - Bluetooth Smartphone Operated

"It’s the trailblazer for Squire’s new high security electronic locks and cylinders technology launched at IFSEC, which features Squire’s new digital security system called Inigma. Inigma BL1 works by using Bluetooth technology to communicate with the cyclist’s smartphone via the Inigma app download available on the App Store or Google Play. It is easy to set up, users simply register their details on the app, then pair the lock with their smartphone." - Locksmith Journal

Squire Inigma Folding Lock - Bluetooth Smartphone Operated

Sold Secure Bronze blue tooth chain bicycle lock

The Inigma chain lock – A revolutionary designed lock with a unique app based locking method, the Inigma range has quickly become the flag ship of Squires range or locks.

The chain with a total length of 800mm, is more than enough to get your bike locked up without the struggle of getting a D-lock around a small post and your bike. Easy to carry, but strong enough to put of any bike thief. Its 8mm Square hardened alloy steel chain is a force to be reckoned with. A reflective chain sleeve gives a great extra bit of visibility when travelling with the lock.

An app-based locking system (IOS and Android compatible) allows you to unlock your bike without using a key or code, and it doesn’t use data to connect. The easy-to-use mechanism allows you to unlock multiple locks with the same code so it’s great for a family with multiple bikes. It also gives you the option to share your code to lend the lock to a friend without having to worry about them losing the key.

The battery life normally lasts for 5-6 months without a recharge. When it’s running low you will be alerted via a light on the lock or a notification on the app -then simply plug it in using the supplied cable to recharge.


  • Light weight aluminium lock body with hardened steel casing
  • 8mm square hardened alloy steel chain
  • 800mm in length
  • High quality reflective chain sleeve