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Drill Deck Triathlon Swim Training Drill Games


The mere mention of swimming to a triathlete can cause ripples down their spine. Swim training can be notoriously boring and repetitive. That's why sales of bone conduction headphones have exploded. But, Anja from Drill Deck has come up with a much cheaper solution - Tri Drill Deck.

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The first set of games for swim training! 

Included in the pack are over 30 proven freestyle drills to provide you with an endless variety of new swim workouts.

Start with the dice:

  • Roll one to decide whether it's drills or laps
  • Roll two to decide how many

If Drill comes up on the dice simply close your eyes and pick from the deck of cards (follow the drill). If Lap comes up simply do laps!


Here are a few example drills:

  • Question Drill: Between the catch and exit, make a question mark shape with your arm. 
  • This drill gives you a stronger pull, also known as the S Pull.
  • Head Lead Drill: Place both hands on your thighs and use kick only. Imagine pushing your forehead and chest into the bottom of the pool to pop hips upward.
  • Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed. Pull buoy allowed. May complete laps as lengths.
  • Scull Drill: Start with your hands in prayer position. As if parting a curtain, move your hands and arms outward. Fully extend your arms to the side before returning to prayer position.
  • Play with the angle and tilt of your hands to change the feel of the catch. Notice which hand positions catch more water..
  • & 30 more.....

If you are a Swim Coach and need more ammunition, then this is an exciting little addition to your repertoire.

  • 1 x set of drill deck cards