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Hovding 2.0 Airbag Bike Helmet


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Truly brilliant Hovding 2.0 airbag

I am so excited about owning one of these, as I dislike wearing regular helmets, and I couldn't wait to open it when it arrived in its very attractive packaging. So, very simple to charge up and you just need to practice doing the zip up and connecting the on/off popper without looking in a mirror for a few times, but then it's easy. It comes with its own detachable, washable black zip cover, which is useful, as I imagine one might get a slightly sweaty neck wearing it on hot days. I was a bit worried about it being heavy, but it's not - I just don't notice it when I am cycling. The audible on & off sound when you connect the popper (once you're about to set off on your bike) is brilliant. You need to remember to disconnect it when you are about to get off your bike - I imagine these things will become second nature soon. I feel super-safe & a more confident cyclist wearing it. Ten out of ten! And great price and speedy delivery from Kit Radar, thank you :)

Very techie

I got this as a present for my partner who had just bought a hybrid bycicle and I was worried about his safety. He hasn't used it yet, and I hope he never does, but the safety he feels about wearing it is well worth the money. We were very impressed to read that the helmet's sensors also pick up on objects making their way fast towards your head (e.g. a brick falling from a height) and that there are no false positives with this gadget, it only goes off when you truly need it. It is a bit expensive, but if you end up actually using it, you probably won't think you wasted any money :) and if you don't, it's 5 years of safety, or £40/year, a little over £3/month to make sure your head stays where it belongs, without having to wear a bulky, badly made piece of plastic on your head, which most times does more damage than good.


Did you know there is a bike helmet that is 8 times safer than your normal bike helmet?

Hovding have created a really cool and innovative bike helmet that you actually wear around your neck, and inflates at the sign of danger.

Gone are the days of wearing a bulky, ugly piece of foam on top of your head.

Now you can look stylish on the road with this inflatable bike helmet neck piece, and FEEL FREE!

Here are the top 3 benefits of the Airbag Bike Helmet.

  • 8 X SAFER THAN YOUR AVERAGE BIKE HELMET: A study by Standford University in 2016 says the airbag technology protects the head more effectively than standard bike helmets - click here for more.

  • NO MORE BULKY HELMETS: Hovding have created a stylish collar that you can easily change the appearance of by exchanging for one of the many covers.

  • INNOVATIVE COLLAR AND COVER SYSTEM: The collar encloses an airbag system made of waterproof, dirt-repellent functional fabric that rests comfortably around your neck. It is easy to put on with a centre front zip.

 If you would like to find out more about the detail, watch this:

Worried it will inflate over curbs? Fear not:

  • 10 hours of active cycling. An acoustic signal will make you aware that the battery needs to be charged.
  • It has an expected lifetime of 5-8 years.
  • Battery can be charged 250 times.
  • Patented airbag inflates in 0.1 seconds.
  • Records cyclists movements 200 x a second.
  • CE marked


By Neck Circumference:

  • Small:Less than 36cm
  • Medium:34-42cm
  • Large:38-45cm

  • 1 x Hovding 2.0 Helmet