Estride Tracker for Horse Training & Health

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It can be hard to get an overall impression of our training and the progress your horse is making especially when you share a horse or do a lot of different disciplines.

Measurements are essential to get the best out of you and your horse. With this special tracker that you can easily track a multitude of horse stride patterns, locomotion, health characteristics and well-being. As follows:

  • Training Time
  • Stride Count & Pattern
  • Horse Calorie Burn
  • Rider Calorie Burn
  • Jump Measure
  • Goal Setting
  • Stability Analysis
  • Stride Change Analysis
  • Pre-Purchase Analysis
  • Rehabilitation Analysis
  • Regularity Analysis
  • 4 x Node
  • 1 x Controller
  • 2 x Boots
    • Track your daily training time and compare with previous sessions.
    • Analyze walk, trot & canter pattern to measure time spent in each gait. See calories burnt in each gait and compare historic data.
    • Automatic advanced warnings and alerts in case of irregularities in regular stride patterns.
    • Pre-purchase analytics helps you identify problems before you buy the horse.
    • Monitor stride count and analyze pattern in each gait. Identify any inconsistencies in pattern and compare to previous data.
    • Identify stability of front or hind legs and measure the stride consistency in each gait during training and over time.
    • Set targets for calorie burn, riding time, gait duration, jumping efforts and allow us help you achieve them.
    • Your data stored on your MyEstride (personal cloud portal), accessible from mobile, laptop or computer on demand.
    • Measure horse calorie burn during your training session, calories burnt in each gait and compare previous data.
    • Monitor stride patterns to assist injury or lameness recuperation. Keep an eye on improvements to help you reach your goals!
    • Be Prepared: Advanced technical modules running statistical simulations to predict your stability and regularity for any future events planned.
    • Upto 8 hours battery life, so you can even track riding sessions for days before putting it to charge
    • Measure your calorie burn during your riding sessions. Helpful for tracking your own fitness!
    • Measure jump efforts in training sessions.
    • Wireless recording with a range of upto 1.2 kms. So no need to carry the controller or your mobile while riding
    • Available in 3 different colours. Black/Red, Jet Black, Crystal White.

    Nodes are a universal size to fit all 4 legs

    ESTRIDE is a revolutionary fitness tracker for your horse, to help you and your horse with your training sessions. Use our products to help improve your horse's performance with gait analysis and more. Become an Estrider.

    ESTRIDE is an accurate equine performance and biomechanics analytics tool that helps you get the most out of each ride. This can also be used to analyse your daily riding activity pattern to achieve goals. It can be used by any rider, from hacking to training for any competition and for many others in the equestrian industry. ESTRIDE measures every stride your horse takes, to help identify stride patterns, regularity and fitness of the horse during ridden sessions – both short and long term.

    ESTRIDE is unique - the only product of its kind available on the open market to date. It combines the power of modern day computing and machine learning to self-learn your horse stride and riding pattern to make recommendations customised to your riding style. 


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