BIOROWER S1club Indoor Rower

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The S1club is designed to bring realistic rowing indoors.

  • Created by professional rowers and highly experienced engineers.
  • Used by rowers and non-rowers alike.
  • Both, the cockpit dimensions and the adjustability of the S1club precisely match the rowing shell.
  • The feel of the resistance during the drive is the most realistic experience ever developed by a manufacturer.
  • The patented, ultra durable high precision transmission inside the body of the S1 grants exceptionally realistic rowing feeling.
  • Sensors measure and send biomechanic data from the left and the right side independently to a tablet by Bluetooth.

Welcome to 21st century indoor rowing. 

Biorower S1club

Its cockpit dimensions precisely match the real rowing boat. The foot stretchers (foot plate) are adjustable to your body height, likewise are the oar handles.

The Biorower S1club is used by professional rowers as well as people who have never seen sat in a rowing boat at all.

The realistic rowing motion is intuitive and easily understanable.

The Biorower offers the natural rowing motion, which is a full body, low impact and full range of motion work out.

This video shows the S1club 2016 - without the slides, which are included standard equipment on every Biorower since 2018. They make the Biorower feel more natural, as you move the "boat" back and forth while you row, instead of moving yourself.

The Biorower was developed by professional rowers, at the beginning mainly intended for elite athletes. As more and more non rowers wanted to enjoy the realistic indoor rowing feeling, the Biorower is now considered to be an insider's tip in the fitness industry.



Adjustable foot stretchers: The foot stretchers (foot plates) are adjustable in height and length. This feature is found in every good rowing shell, and certainly is a must on the Biorower S1club.

Body sizes differ from person to person. Therefore, your Biorower S1club comes with adjustable foot plates. People with longer legs put their foot plates farther away from the rail than those who have a bit shorter legs.

It is not your height that makes the difference, but the joy you get from rowing.


Adjustable foot stretchers


Rotating Oar Handles: The S1club features rotating handles to replicate the realistic rowing motion in every possible detail.

Although rotating your handles at the catch and at the finish position is not mandatory, for many of our customers it is an essential part of the real Biorower experience.


Biorower S1club rotating oar handles


The Biorower App & Biomechanic Feedback: Angle sensors and straingauges on both oar handles precisely measure how much force is applied at which position of the stroke.

The data is forwarded by Bluetooth® to your mobile Android® device, which functions as a screen. The App is available for free in the Google Play Store®. The Biorower S1club provides elaborate data such as the stroke length and the applied force, left and right separately. In addition to the natural rowing feeling, the Biorower helps you to improve your symmetry.


S1club delivers real time biomechanic feedback


Biorower App

Live force curves: If you are into biomechanics, and have a keen interest to improve your effeciency, the Biorower App offers a live mode, which shows force curves and angles curves live - stroke by stroke, and always for the left and right hand separately.

Biorower App Live Mode


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