Body Glide Cycle Glide Anti Saddle Sore Balm

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Are saddle sores keeping you from riding your bike?

Protect your body from saddle sores and stay on you bike longer with Cycle Glide, which reduces friction in intimate areas.

Great for any discipline in cycling from race, road, BMX, mountain biking, cyclo-cross, touring, or commuting.

"Where has this product been all my cycling life? As soon as I started using BG Cycle my saddle sores stopped. No more messy creams or balms. " - Ken H (verified customer)



This effective balm forms a dry, invisible barrier helping you to stay on the saddle longer with no frequent reapplications!

Never wet or greasy, with a smoove application, this is our number 1 choice of chamois cream at the minute.

We have found that it's

  • Got no petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils.
  • Our hands stay clean when applying.
  • Applies direct from the stick to your skin, shorts, or chamois.
  • Made with allergen free, plant-derived ingredients.
  • Vegan approved, never tested on animals.
  • Child safe.
  • Pretty sweat resistant and long lasting.
  • Didn't stain any of our cycling kit, so we hope it keeps your expensive cycling clothing safe to.


When to apply Chamois Cream?

Before you get dressed, to protect, and arrest the rubbing that causes saddle sores.

  • Not Oily, never wet
  • No Petroleum, no parabens
  • Made with allergen free and plant-derived ingredients
  • Vegan approved
  • Never tested on animals
  • Child safe
  • Water resistant
  • Wetsuit, clothing, and footwear safe

  • 42 g (1.5oz)

  • 1x Body Glide Cycle Glide Anti Saddle Sore Balm

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