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Redshift Sports Dual Position Seatpost in Black

One Bike: Two Rides: Transform your Road Bike - Switch effortlessly between a road position and an aero position as you ride.

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Customer Reviews

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Redshift Stem

I don’t usually write reviews as most bike components only make very small differences, however this product is a game changer for me. I’m seventy now and was a keen high mileage cyclist, however a few years ago due to a generic condition I lost a finger from each hand, I stopped riding for a few years but after watching this years Tour de France I got the bug and started riding again. I started to enjoy my riding, it was a difficult curve getting back up to a respectable pace, but It was marred by the pain I was expieriening in my hands and shoulders. By accident I heard of this product and thought that I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. It truly works, whilst I still have a problem it no longer puts much of a restriction on my rides. The vibration through the bars from the road surface is now so muted that although you know it’s there it has very little effect and I am now able to ride good distances before fatigue sets in. There is.no bobbing or noticeable bounce, even when out of the saddle climbing, it doesn’t effect the feel of the steering, if anything it improves decending. The quality of the finish is excellent, yes it is heavier than a normal stem but once fitted you can’t notice the difference. I now have one fitted to all three of my bikes, as I mentioned, it is a game changer and I would highly recommend it. I have just entered a 100 mile sportive in late spring, without this stem it would not have been possible, must get on with some training.

Now where is your suspension seat post?

Ken, UK

Redshift seatpost

Hi all I am new to road bike after buying my first road bike I was experiencing some discomfort while riding my bike. I thought let’s look around and see what it out there to make my ride more comfortable. I read load of review about redshift seatpost and tought it might be an answer to my problem but upon receiving and using for my 2 hrs Sunday ride I was disappointed and I thought it would have improved my Sunday ride out which is normally 2 hrs more pleasant but I was wrong.

Why has the redshift aero system been designed?

  • To create a solution for road bike users who want to go faster but don't want to spend a fortune on aero gear but like to dabble in both triathlon and road bike riding. By converting a road bike into triathlon use the huge costs of needing to buy a different bike are eliminated. 

The Dual-position seatpost lets you switch between road and aero positions on the fly, giving a full 50mm of fore/aft adjustment. The seatpost's forward position replicates the steeper seat tube angle of a tri bike, opening your hip angle and letting you ride comfortably and powerfully in the aero position.

Redshift seatpost is 27.2mm, if your seat tube is smaller (I am afraid this won't fit), if your seat tube is larger you may want to add a shim listed in the dropdown box.



What other accessories are available in the product range?

  • 1 x Shockstop Stem