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76 Projects Piggy Bike Storage

76 Projects Piggy On Bike Storage is perfect for cyclists who want an aerodynamic place to store their tools, or the cyclist who is looking for a space saving tool storage option.

Fixes to your bottle cage, the attachment comes with an optional pouch to store all your tools in the space between your seat tube and bottom bracket.

Optional pouches come with black or pink tabs.

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"A good way to carry and swap stuff between bikes, in a secure, fast fashion" -



76 Projects Piggy On bike tool and tube storage solution features:

  • MTB, Road, Adventure, Commute
  • Fits beneath a bottle cage.
  • Multiple mounting points enabling it fit many frame designs*.
  • Secure adjustable strap allows capacity up to 29er tube, levers, mid size multitool and CO2 inflator.
  • Built in storage for chain quick links.
  • Includes silicone strap for organising your tools and making quick switches of tools between Piggy equipped bikes.
  • Keeps the weight off of your back, lowers centre of gravity, doesn't foul dropper, more aerodynamic location on bike compared to traditional saddle bags.
  • Use your favourite water bottle cage and tools instead of being tied to a proprietary system.  
  • Cage, tube, and tools are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included.
  • Injection moulded from tough glass filled nylon.
  • Supplied with stainless steel fixings and silicone band as standard.
  • Weight - 72gms including strap and fixings.

Keep your kit clean and dry by using the optional Piggy pouch.

*Due to the varied nature of bicycle frames The Piggy may not fit all - download the FIT GUIDE to check it fits your bike"




Piggy Pouch features:

Tough, water resistant protection for your essentials. Designed to fit THE PIGGY or can be used in a jersey pocket. Easy to remove for washing, security, and switching between other PIGGY equipped bikes.

  • Expands to fit up to a 29er tube, tyre levers, mid size multitool, and CO2 inflator.
  • Water resistant zip
  • Extra long silicone tag when your hands are too cold and to tuck under the strap and stop any flapping.
  • UVPVC durable woven waterproof fabric.
  • 500D UV resistant Polyester.
  • The pouch is approx 70 x 155 mm when flat and expands to approx 90 x 70 x 110mm which is approx 0.7 litres.


  • 2 x standard road tubes, 1 x medium multi tool, 2 x tyre levers (approx 100mm long), 1 x gas canister inflator
  • 1 x 29 er tube, 1 x medium multi tool, 2 x tyre levers (approx 100mm long), 1 x gas canister inflator

These are not exact capacities as tubes and tools vary.

  • 1 x Piggy on Bike Storage
  • Optional Pouch can be added to order