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Abloc Arrive Water Bottle - Small

These simple, beautiful and streamlined water bottles from Abloc offers a high performance, highly hygienic drinking experience.

The lightweight mould fighting design offers anti-microbial protection and a self-sealing nozzle. Meaning you can leave the nozzle up while riding, without any spills

The sleek patented shape fits easily into bottle cages meaning now more struggling or looking down to get-that-bottle-in-the-cage moments.

"Just because something isn’t technically broken, doesn’t mean you can’t attempt to make it better. That’s what ABLOC is doing with their new bottles." - The RADAVIST



The sleek and clean look of Abloc water bottles with no logos compliments the sleekest of frames.

  • Large capacity - 550ml / 18.5oz for longer rides.
  • The body and cap constantly fight mould, odors and bacteria.
  • BPA free
  • Comes with a 3 part assembly for easy cleaning!.