Aesparel Jeans for Athletic Muscular Build

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Stretch fit and super sized jeans for muscular build athletes

At Kit Radar we feel good about our bodies; working hard in the gym for both fitness and looks. Wearing T-shirts, hoodies and baggy trousers is all well and good, but if you are reading this you will understand that finding a good fitting pair of jeans or shirt is a problem. So we contacted our friends at Aesparel in Germany to supply fellow fitness fanatics in the UK. 

Aesparel are a premium clothing brand for the athlete and sportsmen who like to look good outside, as well as inside, the gym. Aesparel have crafted athletic-fit jeans, shirts and blouses in a range of sizes and shades. 


Athletic cut blue jeans, which is just as tough and flexible as you. ToughMax ™ Denim offers maximum freedom of movement and has more than double the tensile strength than regular cotton denim. A solid look and feel of a traditional blue jeans. The "Athletic Fit" form offers more space on the thighs and buttocks with a narrow cut hip. 

  • Athletic fit (wider thighs, narrow waist)
  • Material: Tough-Max™ Denim
  • 82% cotton, 15.5% polyamide 1.5% elastane
  • 15% stretch, 2.5x tear resistant than normal denim
  • Lotus effect impregnation (soil / water repellent)
  • 5-Pocket-Design
  • Look and feel of a traditional blue jeans

  • Power stretch:Twice as durable and friction-resistant as conventional denim.
  • Athletic fit:Built for athletic frames to provide maximum freedom of movement
  • Water repellant:Water and dirt won’t harm our denim, it repels both!
  • Durable cotton:High-stretch cotton allows for maximum mobility, without synthetics.
  • Easy iron:Crease-free ironing
  • Modular sizing: Determine your chest and waist sizes independently for an ideal fit


Jeans sizing is simple, just choose the leg and hip width you normally choose the forgiveness in the built-in elastic will work for all athletes.

  • 1 x Set of Jeans

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Review from Mr Universe!

At the beginning of 2016, I met the guys from Aesparel and was immediately impressed by their product. Aesparel really hits a nerve for me. Doing a lot of sports, especially weight training, means most regular clothing tends not to fit. The idea behind these products make me happy, and I’m very glad to lend my name to the company!