Axius Core Functional Core, Balance and Mobility Training System

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Axius Core is the only functional fitness tool specifically designed to target the key pillars of human movement. Coming from a medical device background, the team have looked into creating a safe and effective means of strengthening the core muscle groups. 

Axius focuses on three modes of instability:

  • Tilt
  • Rotation
  • Roll

The design of the fitness device allows the user to safely simplify or progress each movement depending on the mode of instability they want to target.

With your help and support AXIUS will be able to get this project funded and get AXIUS into as many hands as possible.

RECENTLY FUNDED ON KICKSTARTER - Raising $227,605 with 919 backers.

Founder and Creator of AXIUS Core, Brian Doyle, originally played Rugby for the US National team between 2008 - 2014.

Early on in his career he had a bad knee injury and it was during his rehabiliatation phase that he really started to understand the principles of core activation and instability training. His mission was to create an integral tool that would not only prevent injury but target the key systems in the body to help improve performance. Focussing on three main attributes that many elite athletes all have; strong functional core, proprioception and balance in 3 dimensional space and the ability to prevent injury through both joint stability and mobility. 


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