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Bellabeat Leaf Nature Smart Fitness Tracker

Are you one of the many looking for a fitness tracker that looks like jewellery rather than a bulky obtrusive wristwatch? If you are, then we would certainly encourage you to consider the Bellabeat Leaf.

Bellabeat were one of the first to understand how women want to feel and look during exercise. The bellabeat leaf is a universal design that suits any outfit, for work, activity or pleasure.

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Customer Reviews

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Great service

Desperately needed a new strap for my Leaf, and was searching for UK stockist. Excellent service and speedy delivery, Will use again. :)
P.S Will you get the Spring from Bellabeat??

More Than Just an Elegant Fitness Tracker!

Finally found a product that suites my style and holds better functionalities than other fitness trackers. I can wear it to work, while training, and just as a classy accessory. Simply love this product, such an elegant alternative to the classic manly fitbits! Genuinely aided my overall wellbeing by the ability to track not just my fitness but my sleep too.

Bellabeat Leaf Nature Smart Fitness Tracker



This beautiful, unique piece of jewellery monitors your sleep, log your menstrual cycle, analyses your breathing and tracks your activity.

  • Are you looking to get fitter or lose some weight?Bellabeat Leaf tracks your movement, steps whilst helping to count your calorie output to create customised exercises tailored for you. Transforming exercise into calories is the only way we will understand how to lose weight.
  • Want to sleep better, waking up to feel refreshed?Bellabeat Leaf will help you understand your sleeping patterns, and learn more about the quality of your sleep. The software helps you analyse periods of light and deep sleep, then suggests ways to improve it. We are hoping for less dark patches around our eyes?
  • Feel better by breathing better:Who knew the power of breathing? Many psychologists recommend breathing exercises to create calm in our life. To take away the stress of our family life and work. With built-in breathing exercises, Bellabeat Leaf can help you regain your physical and emotional wellbeing or mindfullness.
  • No more worries about when and if?!Gain a detailed overview of your cycle and reproductive health. The Bellabeat Leaf can provide ovulation alerts, pill reminders and more about your body's internal clock.
  • What? It doesn't have to be on the wrist?Bellabeat has been specially created to work as a bracelet, clip or necklace.This is completely unique on the market.


Maybe you have already purchased a Bellabeat Leaf from us and would like some support? If so, Bellabeat have put together a lovely portfolio of tutorials.

Follow this link to Bellabeat Tutorials.

  • Silver LEAF Edition: Double Wrap Bracelet/Silver Beige S, Necklace Sleek Steel/Silver and Battery Replacement Tool.
  • Rose Gold LEAF Edition, Double Wrap Bracelet/Rose Gold Brown S, Necklace Classic/Rose Gold and Battery Replacement Tool.