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Bike Fit In Shoe Forefoot Wedges

"No longer do I have pain on the outside of my feet on long rides. I have been extremely happy with the quality of service. Spoke to the store manager who had plenty of experience and knowledge. My item arrived quickly and on time. After purchase advice was spot on. Would recommend to others." - Alex C (verified customer)

Bike Fit In Shoe Forefoot Wedges

Comes in a pack of 4

In the Shoe (ITS) Wedges provide 1.5 degree of inward angulation (aka varus) in cycling shoes that have ample room in the forefoot area. They are often used in conjunction with Cleat Wedges or as a quick way of determining if inward or outward forefoot tilt or canting exists.

ITS (In-The-Shoe) Wedges can be used in either the right or left shoe. They have a symmetrical design with a 1.5 degree tilt per wedge.

Only for use with feet that are tilted up to the inside (varus).

These are from an American brand so will be labelled as follows on the product:

  • 6-7 = 5-6UK
  • 8-9 = 7-8UK
  • 10-11 = 9-10UK
  • 12-13 = 11-12UK