CardioCycle SenseON adhesive heart rate monitor

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CardioCycle dedicates to become a provider of world-class sport health monitoring, evaluation and service. We provide cutting-edge technologies and devices with excellent accuracy, comfort and body compliance for cardio-pulmonary function assessment. At CardioCycle we are on a mission to bring people healthier, happier and more effective lifestyle with a comprehensive understanding of body wellness.

  • Real-Time Monitor: Records breath and heart rate. Besides, with intelligent algorithms, rich sports biometric data are given, like professional heart and respiration function metrics e.g., heart rate zones, HR recovery rate, heart-breathe rate ratio and other quantitative training data such as calories, pace and cadence. 
  • Get Insights Into Your Training Level: Comprehensive exercise intensity assessment. Cardiocycle smart app gives you deep insight into your true training level with 3 parameters: Heart rate zones, Heart rate recovery time and Heart-Breathe Rate Ratio. These parameters let you know if you're over or under-training, if your overall training is improving or staying flat and how hard you are pushing your body and where you are in the training-recovery cycle. 
  • Train with Heart Rate Zone: SenseON provides accurate real-time heart rate and heart rate zone while you exercise.
  • Manage Exercise Load: SenseON measures the load your are putting on your body when you exercise and provides the insight you need to decide if you should pull back or go for it!
  • Legible Statistic Reports: Detailed training data helps you stay on top of your progress goals and personal bests. 

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