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Cushcore Pro Suspension Single Foam Liner

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Cushcore is a suspension system for your tyres!

More than just flat protection, these inserts deliver the technology needed for tyres to dissipate unwanted energy to keep the wheels on the ground and improve the overall ride quality and performance of your bike.

"Anyone who has been on the road with Cushcore will not want to drive without it." -

Cushcore single foam insert liner

Tyres are an essential part of a mountain bikes suspension system. These cushcore foam inserts divide the inner volume of the tyre in half with air underneath the tread and the Cushcore insert next to the rim. The tyre will still require air and you can tune air pressure as you would with any tire.

This clever design stabilizes and damps the tyre sidewalls allowing the tread area to retain the resilient feel of a pneumatic tyre. These inserts are compatible with all tubeless tire sealants and fit inside the tyres. 

Want a set (pair + valves, etc) of cushcore inserts, or just the valves?


Pro - The original full-performance version. CushCore PRO allows you to push the limits of your tyres and suspension to new levels. The best choice for the majority of wheels, terrain, and riders.

  • Fits tyre widths 2.1 - 2.6"
  • Fits rims with internal width 22 - 35mm
  • 26 - 245g
  • 27.5 - 250g
  • 29 - 260g