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Cycloc Hero Bike Storage

Do you struggle to store your families bikes with ease?

This simple, yet elegant bike storage from Cycloc, is ideal for storing ladies, gents and children's bikes.

“When I first saw your product I was struck by its simple elegance and its wonderful functionality!“ - Richard Bryre CEO of Speedplay



Storing bikes at home can often mean taking up valuable floor space in your home. The smart, simple Hero bike storage from Cycloc is an brilliant solution for storing all bike types.

  • Clever and simple wall mount for all types of bicycles
  • Suspension on the pedal, supported on wheel storage
  • Suitable for click and platform pedals
  • Can be mounted horizontally to the left and right
  • Suitable for all types of bicycles such as children's, women's, road bikes, mountain bikes or tandems
  • Ideal for the home, office or sales room
  • Efficient use of space through graduated installation
  • Max. Loadable up to 23kg