Dagadam Stylish Fitness Watch

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The world's first round functional curved touch bezel smartwatch with an AI based notification center, compatible with Android and IOS.

Dagadam watch is the first smartwatch with a Smart Notification Center, called Dagadam HUB. It analyzes and learns the way you interact with notifications and sort's future ones according to your specific preferences and habits.

The "SENSE" touch bezel is a sleek, touch sensitive ring around the outer edge of the display for easy navigation, clicking, scrolling, zooming and more. At the moment we are in the development phase of "SENSE" function and will be available on your Dagadam watch.

Dagadam Buddy allows you to exchange contact and social media information with your friends by simply touching both watches together for 5 seconds. You can control what you choose to share. This function will be available only between two Dagadam watches.

Dagadam FIT is a feature that register and analyze your daily nutrition and effort in order to provide a complete report. You can dictate your every meal and that's it. The report will include: Calorie intake, average basal calorie consumption based on your weight, height, age, gender, calorie consumption doing sports (communication with Fitness app) and the difference between intake and consumption.

Dagadam watch has powerful sensors precisely track real-time heart rate data, speed, distance, and GPS location. No need to bring your phone when going out for a run; Dagadam watch will save and share your activity with your phone and Google Fit, Strava and more! Sync with Bluetooth headphones to listen to your favorite music (up to 10.000 songs) on the go.

SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED ON KICKSTARTER by raising £140,000 through 839 backers

Meet Dagadam, a smartwatch that entwines perfectly the ultimate technology with a comfortable and ergonomic design. We are involved in researching and developing artificial intelligent-based technologies. Through intelligent systems that utilize the latest technological breakthroughs and attention to details, the aim is to reach a brand new level of innovation. A team of perfectionists started to work on this project since February 2014, being more a passion than a business.


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