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Dr Sludge Self Sealing Inner Tube - Presta

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Dr Sludge self sealing inner tube.

These self sealing inner tubes prevent flat tyres by sealing punctures instantly up to 3mm diameter, don't let a flat tyre bring you to a stop again.

"Excellent replacement for normal inner-tubes on my mountain bike and last for years" - Tony R (verified customer)

Dr Sludge Self Sealing Inner Tube - Presta 26" or 700c 


Now pre-filled into inner tube into the correct sizes, these Dr Sludge inner tubes prevent a flat tyre and work time after time.

They inner tube and tyre will not stick together and they will not dry out regardless of outside temperatures.

Comes in: 

  • 700c x  28 - 35 mm
  • 26" x 1.75