No Cow Protein Cookies

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Protein Cookies. 12g protein, 1g sugar


Go freakin’ nuts over the Peanut Butter Protein Cookie

Creamy peanut butter and chunks of peanuts takes this cookie’s taste to the next level. And with 13g of protein and 1g of sugar, this cookie does a lot of heavy lifting at snack time.

Make it a double with the Double Chocolate Protein Cookie

Chocolate is good. Double is better. Rich cacao and chocolate chips give you a one-two punch of chocolaty goodness. Oh, and you’re getting 12g of protein with just 1g of sugar, so it’s a win-win all around.

The classic Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie made better

Everybody loves the classic chocolate chip cookie; nobody is going to feel guilty about this one. It’s protein-powered with just 1g of sugar. Snack away.

Your body needs protein. What it doesn’t need is a bunch of sugar and junk that weighs you down. No Cow delivers high-quality, non-dairy protein with ridiculously low sugar. Oh, and did we mention big taste without the grit. Make your macros count.

From antioxidant-rich cacao to our brown rice + pea protein blend, every ingredient is carefully chosen and has to pull its weight. We’re proud of what goes into our bars, Fluffbutters and cookies, because we care about what goes into our bodies.

We’ll always tell it to you straight. No bull.


  • No cow
  • No bull.
  • No whey!
  • Non-dairy
  • High protein
  • Low sugar
    • 50g cookie, 12 cookies in a box


    Always check with your doctor for risks associated with dietary supplements that could impact your specific health conditions and/or allergies.

    Peanut Butter Flavour

    Double Chocolate Flavour

    Chocolate Chip


    • 50g Cookies
    • Comes in a box of 12

    From the D's Naturals website:

    "I’m Daniel, but everyone just calls me D.

    I’ve always been the curious, entrepreneurial, obsessive there’s-got-to-be-a-better-way type. The kind of kid with my own business at age 12. When I think of something, I go out and do it. And if I don’t know something, I learn it.

    Anyway, my passion for fitness and my obsession for solving problems came together at 18. I was always busy and pretty much living on protein bars, but they gave me horrible stomach aches. Turns out, like a lot of people, I have issues with dairy.

    When I couldn’t find non-dairy protein bars that were also low in sugar, I made my own and called them No Cow.

    Living healthy is a choice I make — I’m not chasing some finish line. Eating well is important to me — it’s not a sacrifice. So I appreciate brands that tell it to me straight and spare me all the bull.

    I started No Cow for me, and now we do it for you. If you think we ever come up short, call me on it!"


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