Equisense Horse Gait Analysis

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Fastened to your girth using a leather attachment and connected to a mobile app, the Equisense Motion sensor enables you to analyze in detail all your training sessions while watching over your horse’s locomotive health thanks to data retrieved by the sensor and sent to the app.

  • Trot symmetry
  • Time spent on each lead
  • Elevation
  • Number of transitions
  • Number of jumps
  • Time spent on each gait
  • Cadence and regularity
  • Breakdown of the session

Each month, Equisense create training programs in order to inspire you and to help you progress. They are accessible anywhere and at any time directly on your smartphone.



    "In two and a half month’s time, he gained 3.5 cm at the trot and 6.2 cm at the canter for the same type of session… We have really made progress!" - PERRINE TROUVE


    Free App supplied. 

    This is a professional grade device; perfect for The Eventer, The Dressage Diva, The Brave Jumper. 

    If you or your fellow livery friends are aiming to progress in competitions then you will need to start collecting data.

    No other device is so complete in its measurement and accuracy.



    • Weight: 38 grams
    • Color: Charcoal gray
    • Water and shock resistant
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth® Smart 4.1 (Low energy)
    • GPS synchronization with your smartphone
    • Updates: Over-the-Air (OTA) technology
    • Battery life: 10 to 15 hours
    • Warranty: 2 years from manufacturer


    • 8 accurate and easy to understand indicators,
    • Trot symmetry: anticipate a wound before it occurs
    • Time spent at each lead: watch over your work distribution at left lead and right lead
    • Elevation: mesure the elevtion of your horse's body measured in cm
    • Number of transitions: detect the transitions between gaits carried out during the session
    • Number of jumps: count the number of obstacles jumped over during the session
    • Time spent at each gait: watch over the work distribution at each gait
    • Cadence et regularity: count the number of strides/minute at each gait and the variation of the cadence
    • Breakdown of the session: recognise the different phases of rest, intensive work and cool down

    • Length of attachment without extensions: 26 cm.
    • Length of attachment with extensions: 47 cm.
    • The attachment can be fastened to girths with a width of up to 12 cm using the Velcro closures

    • 1 x a watersplash and shock resistant sensor
    • 1 x leather attachment compatible with all girths
    • 1 x battery charger
    • 1 x USB cable
    • 1 x international outlet adaptor

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