Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand

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A unique professional bike wheel Truing Stand with a one arm design for unrestricted access.  The single arm allows you to true up to 29" wheels!

With a stable base and an additional bench mount adaptor, this is the ultimate  truing stand for easy and safe wheel truing.

And! This is way better than the Park Tool TS-8 + it's over £100 cheaper than the Park Tool TS2 - the professional equivalent.

"Good home workshop stand for wheel building and fettling" - Dave Atkinson

"The Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand is incredibly versatile, and a real pleasure to use." -



Proper bike maintenance is essential for bike performance and safety. With this Pro Truing stand you can easily maintain your bike for maximum safety and performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Portable Truing Stand
  • Professional Grade
  • Fits up to 29 inch wheels
  • 12mm and 15mm thru-axle adapters
  • Disc brake rotor alignment tool
  • Lateral and Radial wheel trueness
  • Wheel dishing capability


  • Precision single spring tip indicator for checking lateral and radial rim position
  • True up to 29″ wheels without removing the tire
  • Disc brake rotor truing slot
  • Easily portable; mounts to any Feedback Sports traditional clamp style work stands
  • 12mm and 15mm axle adapters included – Note: Due to the variations in hub designs, tolerances in adaptable end-caps may affect how Feedback Sports 12mm, 15mm, and 20mm thru-axle adapters work with your hub. End caps that sit loosely in the ends of your hub typically do not have enough purchase to securely hold the wheel for accurate truing. End caps with good engagement into the hub will typically hold the wheel securely for accurate truing. For additional information, please contact
  • Red anodized aluminum arm/ steel base

  • Max wheel diameter: 29″ with tire
  • Base included. Footprint 10.25″X 8.5″ (265mm X 215mm)
  • Base weight = 5.8lbs (2.6kg)
  • 4″ X 6″ (101mm X 152mm) bench mount included

  • 1x Pro Truing Stand.
  • 1x Base.
  • 1x Axle adapters
  • 1xBench mount

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