Fibion a Sitting and Standing Measurement Device

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These days, there are a multitude of gadgets on hand that measure everything from the steps you take to the time spent exercising. But, how about seemingly insignificant daily activities such as sitting and standing?

In fact, people might feel bad for not exercising three times per week, but at the same time, they might be sitting for 12 hours in a bad position every single day without even thinking about it.

The Fibion is the easiest to use and the most accurate professional level analysis tool available for everyday sitting and activity measurements. The Fibion helps to show you or your customer how to adopt healthy sitting and everyday activity routines, as well as the health impact of the planned changes.

For groups and organisations, the Fibion offers a group report which shows how many employees are meeting the current sitting, standing and physical activity recommendations for health.

From the viewpoint of individuals, just standing up from a chair regularly helps in losing weight and keeping blood sugar levels stable, and thus, in improving mood, vigour and concentration at work. The Fibion is the right direction for anyone interested in moving beyond inaccurate consumer apps and wrist-worn gadgets in pursuit of positive permanent changes in life.

Our mission at Fibion is to show people how easy it is to eliminate the health hazards of sitting. People can set small goals, and then, immediately see their estimated health benefits in the Fibion report.

REPORT: The Fibion Analysis Report reveals whether your customers are meeting their sitting and physical activity recommendations and estimates whether their sitting and physical activity are in balance to produce health benefits.

The background of the core Fibion team is in the Department of Biology of Physical Activity at the University of Jyväskylä. The results of the team have attracted national and worldwide attention in different media. The core Fibion team is three people: Olli Tikkanen, Tommo Reti, and Arto Pesola. They also form the Board of Directors and the management team of the Fibion Inc.


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