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Findrs Delight Intelligent Bike Light


Findrs DeLight is a smartphone-enabled bike light that will give you the opportunity to find your lost or stolen bike. At the same time it includes many great features that will keep you safe in traffic. DeLight automatically lights up when required, has brake light and temperature read out. DeLight also helps you to remember where you have parked, makes it easier to locate your bike in a crowded parking area and much more – all of which can be controlled by the DeLight by FINDRS app.


The FIND feature gives you a second chance to find your bike if it is lost, perhaps stolen. It can be reported missing in the app, and the entire FINDRS network will help you search for the missing bike. When it is found, you will get a notification and in the app you can view where it has been spotted by the network. When a bike is reported missing, the DeLight will broadcast a distress signal. This signal will automatically be picked up by other DeLight users in the area. It only requires that these users have the app installed on their phone. The location of the lost bike will automatically be sent back to you. All this happens effortlessly, anonymously and for free.

With the Flash & Find feature, DeLight will light up and flash in the crowded bicycle shelter or the dark basement, making it easier to find. All you need to do is to activate the Flash & Find feature in the app, and when approaching your bike, it will welcome you with flashing lights.


DeLight features automatic light control. It calculates based on your location the time of dusk and dawn. This way it ensures that the lights are on when required for your safety. Delight will switch off automatically when parked, to ensure that the batteries are not drained.


Brake light is controlled with the built-in motion sensor that can detect any deceleration in the bike. This way you can alert traffic behind you when you brake, similar to the brake light found on cars - a safe feature in an urban environment.


  • Powerful LED
  • Constant light intensity even when the battery is low
  • Lights are visible from 220 degrees
  • Button for switching between constant, flashing and on/off.
  • Battery life: up to 20 hours (using quality alkaline batteries)
  • Battery life: up to 40 hours (using quality alkaline batteries)
  • Compact and waterproof
  • Mounting brackets for seatpost or rear fork.
  • Approved reflex
  • Shockproof plastic
  • Weight: 400g


When mounting the rear light on the seatpost please use a screwdriver to tighten the bracket and a star-screwdriver to place the DeLight in the right angle.

When mounting on the rear wing please use a small spanner and wrench to mount the bracket. If there aren’t already holes on the rear wing two holes of 5mm are required and then use the spanner and wrench to tighten to the rear wing.

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