Goodr Sunglasses - Vincent's Absinthe Night Terrors

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How can you not be impressed by Goodr the wackiest sunglasses brand on the planet. This range is called Insomiac Cataracts?! 

These babies have all the performance you’ve come to expect from goodr shades but have clear lenses allowing you to wear them in low light conditions. Perfect for night runs or vampire hunts (where running may also be necessary).

Super quality, super affordable we back this brand to the hilt. This range is their monotone (not in the dull sense) range, where they are trying to have a single coloured frame and matching single colour lens (where possible).

Polarised, UV400 any weighing only 22 grams

"Great sunglasses...REALLY great sunglasses. Light, great fit and surprisingly slip resistant, even when all sweaty and bombing downhill" Keith M



These sunglasses from Goodr not only look good, but they offer high class protection at an affordable price.

With non slip frames, scratch resistant polarised lenses and a UV400 protection layer to block out 100% of those harmful UVA and UVB rays; what more could you want?

Goodr Sunglasses Insomiac Cataracts:

  • Polarized lens.
  • UV400 Protection.
  • PC frame with grip coating.
  • Scrath resistant layer.
  • category 3 mirror layer.
  • UV400 protection layer.
  • polarised layer.

  • length 144mm
  • width 138
  • width between earpiece 95.115mm
  • lense size 42mmx53mm

  • 1 x Goodr originals sunglasses

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