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Hangman Multifunctional Bike Storage Rack and Wall Mount


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Hangman is a really simply and  interesting design with that combines stability with ease of mounting. Hangman cycling have created a one-click closing mechanism for security and two stabilising arms to make the bike stable when mounted on the wall. The wall-mounted rack uses high strength glass-filled nylon construction with steel reinforcement to ensure it is very robust and safe. 

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What we have here is British Design getting back to its roots. Functional well engineered design and made & designed in Britain. Watch the video below for its simplicity in design.




But some say it is over-engineered!

This is an interesting comment. Over-engineering is only applicable if the product needs to be light-weight or the price is astronomical, but at only £59.99 I am sure over-engineering and stability is not a problem!

  • SYSTEM 1 @ £59.99 - A straight wall mounted version of our patented mechanism with adjustable stabilisers and a handy hook for your jacket or helmet.
  • SYSTEM 2 @ £99.99 A wall mounted aluminium extrusion is supplied with our patented locking mechanism and a handy shelf. Both the hanging mechanism and shelf are adjustable so you can set height and spacing to suit your needs. The shelf includes a handy bar for hanging jackets, helmets or glasses. Optional additional shelves are available and can be added to the system as required.

  • Patented design supports your bike safely when inserted. Integral lock adds additional security
  • TPE Rubber Grip Jaws support your bike securely whilst protecting it's frame
  • Tamper proof construction
  • Keyed Lock for added security
  • Fits any frame profile up to 70mm diameter
  • Adjustable stabiliser arms prevent the bike from tipping or swinging. They can be positioned for sloping frames or obstructions such as shock absorbers
  • Small and large wall plates INCLUDED in the box. Use the small wall plate for locations where looking good is essential. Use the larger wall plate for awkward wall materials or heavier bikes
  • 6mm thick Reinforced steel skeleton inside clamp and slider mechanism
  • Integrated 4-pin Cam Lock provides instant security and prevention against theft.
  • Wall anchor hole allows a chain or D-Lock to be passed through the hangman so give added security or if necessary for insurance purposes

Click here if you would like the Hangman installation manual.

  • 1 x Hangman System One, or
  • 1 x Hangman System Two