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Kinekt 2.1 Suspension Seat Post

"I purchased a KINEKT 2.1 Aluminum Seatpost for my Trek Super Commuter+ 8S, which is very rigid. The KINEKT post really smoothed out the less than ideal roads, gravel paths, and sidewalks used in my daily commute. Very noticeable difference. I also ride a full suspension MTB so it was a bit unusual to feel a bump in my hands and feet, but not my seat. Pedal stroke feels even and less interrupted by bumps in the road. Very tune-able even on the fly is you also purchase the control knob which is included with the carbon post, but an extra purchase with the aluminum post. Would recommend for ebikes and gravel bikes.." - Kwil (verified customer)

Kinekt 2.1 Suspension Seat Post with springs

The KINEKT aluminium 2.1 Seatpost is now sleeker than ever. With more pre-load capability, KINEKT effectively isolates your body from surface vibrations and impacts. This isolation improves comfort, control, and confidence, which ultimately leads to a more enjoyable ride.

All posts come with two extra springs so you can mix and match, creating a custom experience. Please note, our spring colour has changed a bit. All springs are now grey with a coloured stripe corresponding the specific size. 

Features Include: 

  • Interchangeable springs
  • Adjustable pre-load bolt
  • Available in 27.2mm, or 30.9mm
  • Available in Short (350mm) or Long (420mm)

All 2.1 models come with two extra springs so you can have the ability to customize your ride even more! 

Covers available upon request



Spring Guide:

  • White - 23-46 kgs
  • Charcoal / Purple Stripe - 46-68 kgs
  • Charcoal / Black Stripe - 68-92 kgs
  • Charcoal / Orange Stripe - 92-109 kgs
  • Orange / Yellow Stripe - 109-145 kgs


  • 27.2 mm dia x 350mm length
  • 27.2 mm dia x 420mm length
  • 30.9 mm dia x 350mm length
  • 30.9 mm dia x 420mm length