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Motion Labs Active Commute Bag

"“The result is almost magical … huge freedom of movement, a sweat-free back…greater stability on the bike." - BikesEtc 

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Motion Labs Active Commute Bag and Rucksack

Ever felt that there was too much weight on your shoulders? 

No we are not talking about life, we are talking about that horrid feeling of the straps digging in and leaving an "impression" on your shoulders when wearing a rucksack. 

Rucksacks are essential for commuting and backpacking, but do they have to be so heavy? 

Motion-Labs have created the world’s first backpack to take all the weight completely off your shoulders. Total freedom of movement, reduced strain and risk of injury, and loads feel considerably lighter. Now you really can run, cycle, and commute with the freedom you want while carrying all the stuff you need.

  • No weight on shoulders
  • Complete freedom of movement
  • Reduced risk of back/shoulder injury
  • No bouncing, no chafing, no sweaty back
  • Well-thought out design and professional styling, perfect for office use




Motion Labs have created this unique design by designing:

Wraparound harness

Revolutionary wraparound design for superior stability and balance, with patented BreathEZ buckle technology for comfort. Bag moves with you however you move without constraining your movements or breathing.

Suspension system

Cushions impact forces and extends and compresses to mirror movements of your own spine to move with you, not constrain you.

Flexible spine

Mirrors the human body, flexing, twisting and extending for complete freedom of movement without pulling the hip-belt up off your hips.

Structural frame

Holds bag off your shoulders and away from body for a feeling of weightlessness. Minimal contact with back for airflow cooling, and no sweaty back.

Ergonomic hipbelt

Places all the load on the hips where the body is designed to carry load. Never gets pulled off the hips, unlike traditional packs.

Comes in one adjustable size