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Peak Pinole Original Blue Corn Powder | Tarahumara Born to Run

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Peak Pinole Original Blue Corn Powder | Tarahumara Born to Run

If you are here you must be as fascinated with the Tarahumara and the book Born to Run as we are. Months, Years, Centuries the Tarahumara have run "naturally" covering distances of 100 km with only the slimmest of footwear (some barefoot) and a bag of pinole and / or chia seeds.

Wouldn't it be great to run without pain, run without fear, run forever (of course they can't run forever, but to us mere mortals it seems like it ;)

We have scoured the globe to find someone who supplies the real stuff!

It turns out a young lady called Alexa has created a brand called Peak Pinole, that supplies Pinole powder straight from the heart of Mexico's indigenous farmland. And from our research, she appears to have the exclusive outside of Mexico.

We are chuffed to be Peak Pinole's first retailer in the UK and are really excited to see how the Western audience takes to real, authentic pinole powder. Can us Western's last as long as the Tarahumara, perfectly recorded in Born to Run?

Who know's? But let's try

Discover the original taste of the Aztec with the traditional recipe of pinole, with hints of cinnamon and sweetened with piloncillo, an unrefined sugar.

Here is a bit more about the story of Peak Pinole Blue Corn Pinole Powder

Peak Pinole is a range of sports nutrition made from blue corn pinole - the ancient Aztec fuel of the legendary long-distance runners, the Tarahumara. They run for the sheer joy of movement, carrying a small sack of pinole for sustenance so they never need to worry about running out of energy as they rack up the miles.

Good for the Body, Good for Producers, Good for the Planet

The blue corn we use is grown using traditional farming techniques – no artificial fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides! It takes longer to grow, but our corn is clean and helps support the rich biodiversity of Mexico's farmland... and we get healthier product because of it.

Our indigenous communities have lived off their lands for centuries. They have passed down their heritage seeds and farming techniques, leaving the land unspoiled for future generations. We’re dedicated to being part of this legacy. We invite you to be too.

Peak Pinole Natural Blue Corn Powder in 500g bags

1 x Peak Pinole Natural Blue Corn Powder in 500g bags