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Pinhead Wheels + Seatpost Lock - 3 Pack

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Get the best security for your bike wheels and seatpost with the Pinhead 3 pack lock set.

Pinhead Bike Lock 3-pack includes:

  • 1 x Front Wheel Quick Release Skewer Lock
  • 1 x Rear Wheel Quick Release Skewer Lock
  • 1 x seat-post collar lock

The Pinhead security set is made from the best materials, tested to the highest standards.

These locks are operated using Pinhead's patented key-lock system. 

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Customer Reviews

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No complaints

Ordered a 3 pack but received a 4 pack, as the other was not in stock - no additional charge or hassle!
Special key is reasonably small and easy to carry, kit easy to to fit and looks good on a new Scott bike - happy days

"I bought these to give me peace of mind when locking up my commuter bicycle downtown. Now I don't have to worry as much that my steed will suffer the same fate as those poor skeletons of bikes I see around the city. Carrying the key is not really burdensome and would really come in handy if I have to change a tube, etc. The seatpost lock also works great with my early 80s frame as well." - Justin (verified customer)



This Pinhead security pack offers you the ideal solution to bicycle wheel and seat theft which can be an expensive problem among cyclists, at a fraction of their replacement cost.

Not only do you have the wheel locks, which will save you time as you no longer need to lock through quick release wheels when locking up your bike, as they will already be protected from theft by the Pinhead security skewers, but you have the added security of the Pinhead seatpost clamp bolt preventing opportunist thieves from removing your seatpost from your bike frame, giving you confidence and piece of mind while your away from your bike!

  • Locks quick-release wheels to the frame
  • Replaces the quick release skewer
  • Fits standard wheels
  • Easy one-time installation
  • Quick removal for wheel servicing
  • Opens only with your Pinhead key
  • Seat Post lock:

  • Locks the seat post to the frame
  • Works with the existing seat collar
  • Easy one-time installation
  • Loosens quickly to adjust saddle
  • Opens only with your Pinhead key

  • Front wheel 125 mm, 33 g
  • Rear wheel 160 mm, 37 g
  • seat lock Installed weight 34 g

  • Front and rear wheel locking skewers
  • 1xseatpost Lock
  • 1xkey