PonyUp Technologies Vetcheq Equine Measurement

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You always want the best for your horse but sometimes it can be hard to tell when it is appropriate to see a vet or when it is just a waste of money.

Vetcheq can help with these decisions: It basically tracks everything that is measurable about your horse´s health. You have all the data which can help to make decisions faster, based on facts, which are also helpful for your Vet should you need to call one.

If you want to have a detailed and long-term analysis of your horse´s well-being this is your go-to tool!  

  • 1 x VetCheq device
  • 1 x pair of VetCheq boots (right and left)
  • 1 x VetCheq charger
  • 5 x VetCheq bladders
  • Maintain baseline vital data for your vet
  • Monitor post-surgical recovery
  • Monitor during transport and quarantine
  • Conduct pre-purchase exams
  • Monitor for treatment effectiveness and pain management
  • Monitor your mare for pre- and post-foaling problems
  • Record vitals before and after strenuous exercise
  • Monitor the horses’ state during competitive events

Universal fitting boots for any horse.

Sometimes you have an idea and it leads you places you would not otherwise have gone. The fundamental idea for PonyUp® Technologies came just that way, in the form of a tragedy where a young girl was injured in a riding accident and died as a result. From that, was derived the notion that by using technology, it would be possible to stop a horse from bolting. The first thing that needed to occur, was being able to see the horse’s vital indicators ramp for flight.

My search for the right technology ended when I found Empirical Technologies in Charlottesville, VA. They had developed patented technology that could produce vital information in real-time at a level that was profoundly more sophisticated than anything I had seen. This technology had the capacity to do so much good in the equine world and would make the impossible, simple and routine. But as Robert Frost once wrote, “and miles to go before I sleep” was the appropriate metaphor for the journey I would make bringing VetCheq® from concept to reality.

PonyUp® Technologies has an entire team of believers. From the investors, to the board members, to the fantastic engineers that pour their hearts into making VetCheq® shine. Universities, equine clinics large and small, distributors and independent sales reps from around the globe have offered their expertise and services to make VetCheq® and other PonyUp® products a worldwide success.

Our mission is to offer easy-to-use, advanced equine diagnostic tools to simply make life better for horses and their caregivers.


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