QLIPP Tennis Racket Performance Sensor

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The future of tennis is swing analytics in real-time. With Qlipp, real-time tennis stroke analysis provide deep insights into your speed, swing, ball spin and more. Qlipp is the ultimate tennis performance sensor, designed to improve your game with the most advanced analytics possible.

  • Replace your coach with video analysis: wirelessly team with your smart phone to shoot video of your stroke.
  • Live insight and coaching instruction: During practice, it transfers all the data to the QLIPP mobile app in real-time so you can get immediate insights on your strengths, weaknesses, and how to improve your game.
  • Will it fit my racket? With a registered twist and lock design, QLIPP takes less time to setup than lacing your shoes. Collect, analyze and store your data easily. At 8g, it will be your lightest and most important piece of gear.
  • Am I getting better over time? The QLIPP app can save and monitor each session so you can track your improvement and see what parts of your game you need to work on over time.
  • Am I any good at tennis? The QLIPP App also connects to your social networks, letting you share your progress on your pages, organize matches with local players and even show you how your stats compare on the QLIPP community leaderboards. You can compete and track your progress in our community in an effort to keep motivated to improve your game.

Who's behind the great invention?

The QLIPP team is part of 9 Degrees Freedom, a company founded in February 2012 by Donny Soh and Cen Lee, a pair of entrepreneurs with a passion in innovative lifestyle sports technologies.



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Customer Reviews

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Qlipp is a very bad sensor.

Qlipp is a very bad sensor. The developers are extremely reluctant to contact in case of defective product. I have more than a month can not get a clear answer. My sensor loses the connection after each hard shot (e.g. - first serve). And it's not a Bluetooth problem, it is a problem of the sensor. The quality of his workmanship. On my claim there is no clear answer from the developer. Requirements the replacement, repair or refund are ignored. In addition, a sensor (when it is working, i.e., for slow shots) recognize shots very bad. For example, the serve takes over a forehand. It is very bad works as a vibration damper. It very much changes the feeling of the racket and the ball. I do not advise to buy it..Hey, guys from Qlipp! Are you alive at all? Donny Soh does not answer the letters. I can not solve the problem of a defective sensor for several months already! Guys, you just need to replace it! This is a simple solution to the problem! You have to be responsible for the product that you are selling.