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Redshift Sports Dual Position Seatpost in Red

One Bike: Two Rides: Transform your Road Bike - Switch effortlessly between a road position and an aero position as you ride.

If you are looking for the black version, click here.

Redshift Sports Dual Position Seatpost in Red

  • To create a solution for road bike users who want to go faster but don't want to spend a fortune on aero gear but like to dabble in both triathlon and road bike riding. By converting a road bike into triathlon use the huge costs of needing to buy a different bike are eliminated. 

The Dual-position seatpost lets you switch between road and aero positions on the fly, giving a full 50mm of fore/aft adjustment. The seatpost's forward position replicates the steeper seat tube angle of a tri bike, opening your hip angle and letting you ride comfortably and powerfully in the aero position.

Redshift seatpost is 27.2mm, if your seat tube is smaller (I am afraid this won't fit), if your seat tube is larger you may want to add a shim: available here.

  • Seatpost Shims



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