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Sahmurai Sword Tubeless Bike Repair Kit


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A handy tool for snappy repairs !

This little kit is originates from South Africa the current home of mtb stage racing and for that type of event it’s a good tool. You need to have open ended bar grips on your mtb though not usually a problem on a road bike,and as such I find it handy to swap the two tools and plugs between bikes as I run tubeless on my road bike and mtb. The kit is well made has all you need other than spare sealant and is there when you need it for speedy repairs. Once on the bike It’s one less thing to think about and for me that’s reassuring along with one less pointy object to keep in your pockets. It’s on the pricey side for what it is but worth it for the peace of mind.

Sahmurai Sword 2.0 Tubeless Bike Repair Kit

There is nothing more irritating that getting a flat on the perfect trial. It's all happened to us, but fortunately we found Sahmurai Sword tubeless plug system.

What is great about the Sahmurai Sword Tubeless Repair kit is its ability to fit inside your handlebars. No need to worry if its end, use it like any bar end cap, and keep a nice little surprise for your flat at all times.

The Sahmurai Sword (named after creator Stefan ‘Sahmurai’ Sahm) is an easy-to-use, simple-to-store and, most importantly, safe, way of carrying a tubeless plug system on your mountain bike. Built into what are essentially bar-plugs, the system allows you store both the plug and reamer tool inside your handlebars.

The Sahmurai Sword fits snug and locks fast inside the handlebars without any give or movement. It doesn’t affect riding in any way and you won’t know that it’s there

"The thing I like most about the Sahmurai Swords is just that they are always there. No thought needed. Wherever my bike goes, the tubeless repair kit goes unobtrusively with me." - Bike Rumor



  • Cut the sheet of repair strings in half – this will give you twice as many!
  • Keep one of the repair strings hooked through the plug fork tool – this means you have one ready to go for even faster puncture repairs!
  • Use multiple plug to repair large holes!


They will fit inside any handlebar that has has a clear opening.

  • 1 x Reamer tool (which doubles as one of your bar plugs)
  • 1 x Plug tool (which doubles as your other bar plug)
  • 5 x Tacky plugs (which are long enough to cut in half to double the amount of plugs)