SCUBAJET the first multi-sport water sports jet-engine

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The portable jet-engine for SUP, canoeing & diving turns existing equipment into powerful electric water sports gear within 10 seconds.

Water sports are a great way to exercise, but in life, it’s all about choices. SCUBAJET accepts the challenge and brings some of the most popular aquatic activities to the next level. The water sports gear allows to make decisions based on individual needs or habits by combining motor power and paddling. 

Stand up paddling (SUP) is one of the fastest-growing water sports nowadays. Within a few seconds and requiring no tools SCUBAJET turns every stock board into a powerful e-SUP-board.

  • Safe: Perfect for family holidays with child-friendly design
  • Battery life: 1.5hr from full charge
  • Power: 3.1kW performance


    Who's behind the great invention?

    Patrizia has always been a sporting ace and a real water lover. She grew up in Italy near Lake Constance and pursued her water hobbies ever since. Three years ago, her daughter was born and she was confronted with reconciling family life and her beloved hobby. She didn't want to give up water sports but she felt insecure about taking her daughter on the SUP board. "What if there is a thunderstorm coming up?", was one of the thoughts fostering her tentativeness. In addition, she wanted to take the whole family to the water without buying a motorboat to enjoy the beautiful summer in Carinthia.

    Out of these thoughts the idea of creating a flexible motor for water sports emerged. Consequently, her boyfriend Armin and his father Gert developed the SCUBAJET. Nowadays, Patrizia enjoys standing on her SUP board together with her daughter to escape the crowds at Lake Wörth's beaches.

    Patrizia has a strong background in marketing in the sea freight industry. With SCUBAJET she turns her hobby into profession.


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