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Sowatch is the first sports watch to track cardiovascular health through blood pressure, ekg, temperature (hypothermia monitor), hypoxia (poor blood oxygenation), overtraining and sleep.

Your heart-beat is also an absolute indication of your body state! We have worked with cardiologists and sport doctors to integrate an algorithm able to record the sound of your heart and draw your cardiovascular activity as a cardiologist do, send records and measurements to our anonymous app as you or your physician can display and analyze them when & where ever you want!

  • Overtraining: The combination of the oxygen saturation level in the blood, sleep status and the volume of your training program, used by our algorithms helps you avoid overtraining and muscular/tendon injuries and also optimize recovery.
  • Alert: Just specify the triggers of your temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation level in the blood etc... We will inform and alert you, your family or your physician of any risked situation. You can also be alerted, when you did not see, for example, a dentist or a cardiologist for a long time.
  • Motivate: The SOWATCH is a real motivator! We have integrated a pedometer. Try to reach 10.000 steps/day! This is the recommendation and advice from our expert to maintain a good shape. The SOWATCH can detect a long time inactivity and pushes you to walk more and practice more physical activities.
  • GPS: Holds up to 10 days of charge and doesn’t require users to carry their smartphone while they exercise. Design your own workout and set fitness goals. Send your workouts to your SOWATCH and with the integrated GPS track your physical activities without carrying your phone. SOWATCH is also waterproof and resists to extreme weather!

Who's behind the great invention?

Overtraining remains one of the top causes of injuries for athletes, next to poor form. Fitness trackers and smartwatches all count steps, measure heart rate and sometimes even monitor sleep. But these are only part of your overall health profile, and these stats don’t prevent injuries.

To help athletes and coaches, Farasha has created the first smartwatch that not only tracks athletic performance but also helps prevent and monitor cardio-vascular conditions.



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