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SPATZ Wear Pro 2 Cycling Overshoes

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SPATZ Wear Pro 2 - The Best Cycling Overshoes Brand we have ever tested!

Spatz overshoes are without doubt the best overshoes available. They are completely unique in their design, and are worn by some of the best riders in the country. There are three versions - Pro 2Roadman 2Windsock and Legalz 2.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

The new SPATZ 'Pro 2' is our range-topping overshoe. If you want the warmest, toughest, best fitting, best looking overshoe on the planet; this is your bad boy. We can only produce the Pro 2 in very small batches so be quick...

Designed from scratch in 2019, every panel uses ground breaking new fabrics and a brand new cut for a super sleek silhouette.

Using our new 'Aero-Armour' Neoprene throughout to guard against cuts and abrasion, we have created a whole new weapon in the fight against the cold. The Pro 2 is 100% lined with ultra warm, ultra wicking Thermo fabric to trap air, transport moisture and keep you warm whether you are riding road, gravel, MTB or cross.

The entire ankle area, toe box and velcro fastener is protected by Kevlar-topped neoprene to offer more protection from abrasion than ever before.

Fast, warm, sleek, comfortable. Forget cycling with frozen feet. Forget cutting your winter training rides short. Embrace racing in harsh conditions when the rain is lashing against the window. Be smug that you've got SPATZ 'Pro 2' and your opponents don't...

SPATZ 'Pro' have been developed by Olympians and Pro Cyclists. Engineered from the finest neoprene on the planet, these revolutionary knee length overshoes will transform your wet/cold riding experience. 

Intelligent water-dispersing lining. Hydrophobic outer layer. Heat welded and taped seams. Stretch velcro fastener behind the cleat. Wrinkle-free cut. 

You won't know you're wearing them. But you're glad you are...

"Extreme overshoes for all-weather riders who want to get out regardless of the conditions." - RCUK



Spatz are manufactured in the world's best composite material factory and features:

  • Intelligent water-dispersing lining.
  • Hydrophobic outer layer.
  • Heat welded and taped seams.
  • Liquid seal gripper seals top and bottom.
  • Stretch velcro fastener behind the cleat.
  • Reinforced toe area.
  • Wrinkle-free 'pro' cut. 

  • Small: EU 38-42
  • Medium: EU 43-45
  • Large: EU 46-49

  • 1 x pair of Spatzwear Pro Overshoes