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Speedsleev Ballistic Nylon Seatsleev Saddle Strap Pack

"I've had a few different saddle bags over the years and this one is my favorite. It has lasted more than two years and a couple thousand miles. It holds two tire levers, CO2 cartridge, C02 inflator head, Fix It Stix multitool, and a spare tube." - BKXC (verified customer)

Speedsleev Ballistic Nylon Seatsleev Saddle Strap Pack

Size: Small

It’s been copied, replicated, emulated and imitated, but the ORIGINAL Speedsleev Seatsleev LIVES ON! 

Coveted by racers and recreational riders alike, the minimalist design and utility fits the needs of those looking for a lightweight race day friendly setup or a compact at-the-ready storage solution for long-haul days in the saddle.

Pack it. Strap it. Go.



(1) 700c 18-32+ road/cx tube, (2) 16g or 20g CO2 Cartridges + Inflator, (2) Tire Levers


Main features of the Seatsleev:

  • 1.5” wide nylon strap with aggressive hook and loop closure system ensures a tight fit under the saddle rails
  • Zero sway or movement during the rigours of cycling or riding over varied terrains such as off road or gravel racing
  • Made from premium ballistic nylon with an elastic and aggressive hook and loop to ensure years of use
  • Each Small Seatsleev unit comes with a black white and green rain cover included in the selling price. The Seatsleev can be used with or without the rain cover but using with the cover ensures more security and is recommended.


  • 1 x Tube
  • 1-2 16g CO2 Cartridges
  • 1 x Air Chuck Inflator
  • 1-2 Tyre Levers

Weight: 50g