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Stealth turns your body into a joystick letting you control fun mobile games with core training movements.

Stealth is the very first video game integrated core trainer. Think about the boring, monotonous core training you’ve done in the past. Now, imagine how much more fun it would be to train your core if you were focused on high scores instead of counting out reps. Stealth brings mobile gaming into your workouts so you can get results by having fun. With the unique experience Stealth offers, it's not surprising top press has begun to take notice!

How Does Stealth Work?

Stealth carefully calibrates with your phone’s motion detector to recognize every movement you make. It then translates those movements into gameplay actions on the screen of your smartphone. Other games use motion controls but never before has any game been designed to mirror core training movements that hit 29 different muscles. Stealth truly is the beginning of a new era of virtual reality. The decisions and moves you make to improve in the game will result in lasting results in your real life training progress.

How much does the first stealth game cost? The Stealth app is completely free to download and will come with at least 1 game. It might even come with more than that if we reach a few of our stretch goals together! So, as soon as you tear off Stealth's packaging, you'll be able to immerse yourself in core training gameplay right away!

What's Stealth Made Of?

At Stealth, we've put tons of work into our product design to create a platform capable of keeping up with the intense gameplay action of the Stealth app while maximizing workout comfort. Careful thought was put into the balance and angles of Stealth's movement to ensure it feels natural and comfortable. Stealth also features an antibacterial, sweat-resistant padding so you can hold your plank all day without feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable.


Stealth's design is completely unique and gives it its signature range of motion. By joining the Stealth movement you'll be supporting revolutionary software and engineering all at once!

Who's behind the great invention?

Don Brown aka Ab Roller Guy has been bringing innovative fitness products to market for 3 whole decades, and has sold - no exaggeration here - MILLIONS of units.

Howie Panes recently took a CPG company from zero to #1 in the USA and sold it to a large public company in less than 5 years. His product sold in over 50,000 locations.



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