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Orb Bottle and Bike Light

Orb Bottle and Bike Light for greater visibility at night.

The Orb is a great product for the safety conscious cyclist. There are very few 360 degree visibility solutions on the market, but I don't think anyone could deny that the Orb achieves this.

The Orb is made by cyclists for cyclists. The result is a top-quality product that cyclists will enjoy using every day. A product that people won’t just put on their bikes reluctantly, because they will feel safer, but something that even the most bike-image-conscious cyclist will really want on their bike.

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The Orb Bottle and Bike Light Features:

  • Orange – the colour of side visibility on the roads
  • The Orb functions as a water bottle, but the lid contains four super-bright LEDs illuminating the bottle with over 70 lumens of light
  • Allows drivers to see cyclists as they approach them from the side
  • Makes use of the phenomenon of ‘bio-motion’ – by highlighting the pedalling motion of the rider’s legs, drivers  have been found to identify cyclists from over 3x further away
  • USB rechargeable with 8 hours constant battery life, 16 hours flash

Why is the Orb orange?

Orange is the colour of side-lighting on the roads. Lorries (trucks to you Americans), vans, trailers, buses, and some cars use orange side lights.

Can you drink from it?

Yes! The Orb is not just a light – it is BPA free, and has a capacity of 700ml.

Does The Orb work just as well with or without water in it?

Yes! The Orb works either way!

Do legs obscure The Orb when it’s on the bike?

No, just watch the video for proof!

Will the LEDs heat up the water?

No, the LEDs we use are very efficient, and have no effect on the water temperature.

What settings does The Orb have?

The Orb can be used on: full power constant, half power constant, pulse, and two separate flash modes.

  • 72 lumens of light
  • Micro USB rechargeable
  • 700ml capacity water bottle
  • BPA free
  • Fits a standard bottle cage
  • Minimum eight-hour runtime on full power and 16 hours when used on flash
  • 5 different flashing and constant light modes

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