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Timber MTB Bike Bell

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TIMBER is the first bicycle bell designed exclusively for mountain biking. Our goal was simple: awareness when you need it, and silence when you don’t. If you’re like us, you probably already use one of the following ways of alerting / warning others of your presence, all of them inadequate for their own reason.

  • You can mount a cowbell or bear bell to your bike that produces a constant ringing sound. But you have to listen to the sound of the bell for your entire ride. 
  • You can ride without a bike bell, and pass by shouting the tiresome “passing on your left”.  It doesn’t always get a positive reaction you were hoping for, because more often than not, you've startled them.
  • You can ride with a traditional bike bell, and ring it just as you approach. Unfortunately, to most people this sounds and awful lot like “Beep beep, get out of my way”.
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We based the design of our mountain bike bell on the iconic cowbell, only updated with a more modern look.  A simple on/off lever controls the internal clapper. Slide it down for on, up for off. Or set it in between for a quieter sound. 

The motion of the bike activates the sound. Because the sound is passive, you communicate to other trail users a friendly,  "Hey, I'm just letting you know I'm here".  The advance notice gives hikers or oncoming riders time to find a safe place to move off the trail. 

The mountain bike bell mounts on your handlebars within easy reach of your hands. Fits all handlebar diameters: from standard 22mm all the way to 35mm DH style. Mount it on the bars for occasional use, or directly on the grips for instant shifting between silent and ring mode.



"The 'Timber!' bell is a compact and smart little unit, and mounts to the handlebars (up to 35mm ones) with a rubber band design. It looks miles better made than most bike bells, and it seems to be withstanding my abusive thumbs very well!" - Life in the Saddle


Band-on or bolt-on?

If you want flexibility in where you mount the bell, or want to swap between bikes, go for the band-on. Otherwise, the most rigidly fixed in the bolt-on.

To mount the band-on:

First, decide where on your handlebar you want to mount the bell. Some people prefer it closer to the grips, some closer to the centre stem. If you have frequent need to use your bell, you can mount in directly on your grips, so you always have both hands on the bike and instant shifting between silent and ring mode. You want to make sure that there are no brake or shifter cables touching the bell, as they will mute the sound somewhat. The larger o-ring is for mounts on the grips, or near the thicker stem end of the bar. The smaller o-ring is for the narrower end of the bar, closer to the grips. Snap the o-ring into the lower slot, with the small finger tab pointed upward and facing forward. Place the bell on the bar, and then stretch the o-ring and snap it into the upper slot.

We recommend that you face the bottom of the bell slightly forward (and away from your knees), in order to avoid possible injury during a crash.

To mount the bolt-on:

  • If you want to mount the bell near the stem, first mount it onto the narrower 22.2mm section of the bars, then slide it over to the wider part near the stem. Then bolt it in place.
  • ​If you want to mount the bell near the grips using the shim, you should first mount it on a 22.2mm section of the bars without the shim. Then install the shim next to bell, and slide the bell over the shim. Then bolt it in place.
  • For DH handlebars, we recommend you use the shim.


The bells weigh 69 grams, including the o-ring.

  • 1 x Timber Bike Bell, and either
  • 1 x Bolt-on Mounting kit, or,
  • 1 x Band-on Mounting kit