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Titan Sensor - Ultimate GPS Coaching Tool


Introducing to the industry’s most accurate GPS tracking sensor for sport. 

There are times when we are just astounded by what startup brands can achieve, and in this case Titan GPS Sensor by Integrated Bionics have just blown us away. 

GPS trackers and data in football, rugby and other team sports have just exploded in popularity. They are the hottest thing in sport at the minute, but have been pretty exclusive to elite and professional teams. Elite teams have systems and devices that can cost upwards of £10k, £20k even £50k, but Titan Sensor have managed to create a GPS tracker that can track the majority of that data at a fraction of the price. 

Sounds too good to be true, but after delving into the detail, Titan Sensor have spent 6 years developing the concept, which was only released in the US recently. 

There are two Titan Sensors available at the minute:

  • Titan Sensor 1: Synchronise video, GPS data, and GPS stats
  • Titan Sensor 2: All of the above plus Real-Time viewing (make decisions whilst the game is in progress) and includes an accelerometer (for real-time impact reports: impact count, average G force, max G force, and more... Post-performance detailed impacts drill down on a per activity basis. Fully integrated with sports tagging., etc.)

The main analysis is grouped into four themes:

  1. GPS + VIDEO INTEGRATION: Put GPS data in context with built-in synchronization with HD video. Play, fast-forward, and pause video and GPS tactical view and stats together. Know where the ball and opponents are located, show athletes how specific situations are affecting their performance, and make the most of film studies by viewing it side-by-side with GPS data.
  2. TACTICAL ANALYSIS + STATS: Playback athlete positions just like your would playback video. Play, fast-forward, or rewind GPS points to any time within your session. Fully customizable map overlays including: routes, heatmaps, sprint trails, and speedzones. A simple click-and-drag interface allows you to interactively select individual exercises and view associated overlay.  Coach defined groups and individual players can be shown uniquely, or use the comparison tool for a apples-to-apples or head-to-head map view comparisons.
  3. READINESS + RPE OF PLAYERS: Sleep duration, sleep quality, fatigue, mood, soreness, stress, and 34 muscle groups. Enable quick and easy readiness reporting across key metrics. Track team and individual readiness, and identify early signs of fatigue, stress, and under-recovery.
  4. LIVE VIEW (Sensor 2 only): Robust ultra wideband wifi streams Titan GPS metrics live. GPS metrics are calculated real-time by Titan providing the most precise live metric data in the industry. If Titan loses signal, no data is lost. Titan continues to calculate metrics while out of range, and when back in range, client devices receive the updated metrics.



  • TOTAL DISTANCE: Session distance covered.
  • SPRINT DISTANCE: Distance covered during sprints.
  • FREE RUN PACE: Average free run speed.
  • CONDITIONING SCORE: Conditioning score based on chronic training history.
  • SESSION TIME: True athlete active time.
  • SPRINT DURATION: Duration of individual sprints
  • EXPLOSIVE EFFORTS: Number of zero to sprint efforts.
  • PERFORMANCE POTENTIAL: Conditioning Score – Fatigue Score.
  • CURRENT SPEED: Athlete real-time speed.
  • SPRINT AVERAGE SPEED: Average of all sprint speeds.
  • EXPLOSIVE ACCELERATIONS: Average explosive effort acceleration in m/s².
  • READINESS: Sleep duration, Sleep quality, Soreness, Stress, Mood, Fatigue.
  • TOP SPEED: Athlete top speed.
  • SPRINT TOP SPEED: Max speed of all session sprints.
  • ACCELERATIONS: Count positive changes in velocity.
  • MUSCLE MAP: Soreness broken into 34 unique muscle groups.
  • CUMULATIVE SPEED ZONES: 10 speed zones, duration >= each speed zone.
  • SPRINT TOTAL SCORE: Sprint score accounting for intensity and duration of sprints.
  • IMPACTS: Count of number of times exceeding impact g-force threshold.
  • RPE: Rated Perceived Exertion internal loading score.
  • INDIVIDUAL SPEED ZONES: 10 speed zones, duration in each individual speed zone.
  • FREE RUN DISTANCE: Distance covered during long distance running.
  • TRAINING LOAD SCORE: Athlete session score accounting for intensity and duration.
  • SESSION RPE: Rated Perceived Exertion score modulated by true active time.
  • NUMBER OF SPRINTS: Count of number of sprint efforts.
  • FREE RUN DURATION: Total duration during long distance runs.
  • FATIGUE SCORE: Score accounting for the short term acute negative impact of training.
  • GAME DAY: Game day metrics including: games played, games started, shots on goal, etc…

 Here is an overview video of the technology:


Here is an in-depth look at the tactical view:


You can also annotate the video:


If you would like to hear an independent review, please watch Coach Javi (45,000 subscribers on YouTube):


Raw Data export plugin for Titan1+ and Titan2 sensors. For researchers and advanced users, directly access key GPS data points. Enable custom in-house data extraction, processing, and performance analytics without custom build. Key data data points include:

  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Time stamp
  • Speed