Tyche Golf Putting Tracker

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This is a comprehensive golf putting package for anyone looking to "Putt for Show".

Combing a sensor with a base unit and a smart coaching app - this wearable aims to give you drills, techniques and advise to improve your putting at home or on the practice green.

  • Base Unit: The hardware to enable the putting drills. It is the interface between the player that is practicing and the Smart Coach, that is choosing the right 
  • S1 Sensor: A measurement tool that is able to track the motion sequence during the putting stroke and wirelessly transmit the data to the Smart Coach.
  • Smart Coach: A virtual coach, that individually adjusts the training protocols to the player’s personal progress. It visualises the improvement after analysing the data 
  • 1 x Base Unit
  • 1 x S1 Sensor
  • 1 x Smart Coaching App to download
  • Complete swingisolation for more feedback and better ball control
  • Microprocessing optoelectronical sensor data to ensure ball and club detection
  • Innovative EI-RandomBOX-Technology to eliminate yips-severity fluctuation
  • Gyroscope and Accelerometer for detailed swing detection with more than 900 datapoints per second
  • Point of Impact-Recognition enables precise and instant Yips-Analysis
  • Ultralight Case with polyelastomer sweeps stabilzes and ensures natural feeling
  • Comfortable progress tracking thru calculation and illustration of personal yips and swing metrics
  • Visualization of session progress for maximum control of the status
  • Integrated TYCHE Y-Free™ Technology for personalized session mode calculation
  • Dimensions: 62cm L x 29.7cm W x 18.2cm H
  • Weight: Base station - 5.2kg
  • Weight: Sensor - 170g

It was Rene’s father Reinhard – a passionate golfer—who unintentionally introduced him to the yips. An avid golfer, he was stricken by the yips at age 53. Suddenly unable to execute a smooth putting stroke, he saw his scores increase by an average of five strokes per round. Deeply frustrated, and frequently embarrassed by his problem, he searched far and wide for solutions but found none. He came close to quitting his favourite sport. A neurobiologist at the time, Rene was fascinated by his father’s struggles. He set up a research project to gain a better understanding of the yips. In the course of that study, the idea was born for an automated device to help addled golfers. Today, we are proud to present the TYCHE T1, the first scientifically proven tool to help golfers defeat the yips.


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