UPRIGHT a Real-Time Posture Trainer

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UPRIGHT is a wearable that trains you to sit and stand upright. It comfortably attaches to your lower back and gently vibrates if you begin to slouch. Training with UPRIGHT will allow you to achieve a posture that you can be proud of. Whether your goal is to be more productive at work or to radiate confidence, it is about time you decided to finish each day UPRIGHT.

  • Personal posture trainer that gently vibrates and attaches to your lower back
  • Follow a personalised training programme to enjoy long-term improvements to your posture
  • Uses the free Upright App for iOS and Android to monitor progress
  • Eronomigcailly constructed for an easy fit on backs of all shapes and sizes
  • Designed with help from qualified Doctors and Trainers
The UPRIGHT mobile app generates a personalized training program customized to you, guiding you on how much time you need to train with the device each day. It provides real-time feedback, as well as posture analytics & statistics, that makes tracking your progress simple, intuitive and fun. Through the app's short, easy-to-follow instructional videos and the device's Bluetooth pairing capabilities, UPRIGHT is a leading example of how smart technology can help improve your health.

Who's behind the great invention?

"The idea came from my mother. She is a horrible sloucher and suffers from back pain as a result. I wanted to develop something discreet, simple, and intuitive to help her fix her posture in a natural and effective way".  Oded Cohen, Founder



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