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Nibble protein bites and brownie bites are really something new. These bite sized protein snacks are made with all natural ingredients, no gluten, soy or dairy, but the real difference is the sugar, or lack of it! The main ingredient is dried plums rather than dates, so they are super low GI, coming in under 6.5g of sugar per bag, as little as half the sugar content of other protein bars and date balls. 



"Just the tonic. . .Packed with fibre and protein, Nibble Protein Bites (£2.39 for a 42g bag) make a great post-gym treat. Tasty flavours include mocha and lemon and the snack is low GI to keep your blood sugar levels nice and stable." Daily Express

“3 ways to snack vegan! Nibble Protein Bites: Not only are these natural bites dairy free, but they’re also low in sugar and insanely addictive!” Women's Fitness

“Nibble launches its delicious, high protein, lower sugar snack, receiving an innovation award in the process. . . ” Veggie Eye

Winner of the Lunch! Bronze innovation challenge 2017.



There are four delicious flavours of Protein Bite and 3 delicious flavours of Brownie Bite. 

LEMON: Ah, Italian lemon. Sicilians have a saying that lemons aren't really lemons unless they are Sicilian. Well, we have lemons! These bites are made with scrumptious Sicilian lemon oil for a fresh, layered lemony taste. With a sprinkling of dried coconut flakes, these bites are seriously delish.

MOCHA: Sometimes you just need an extra lift. . .These bites are made with real coffee and smooth Dutch cocoa powder.  The result– a delicious little caffeine hit. We've added cacao nibs for a deep chocolatey crunch and a dash of cinnamon to warm it all up. Yum!

SOUR CHERRY: Our sour cherry bites are a taste explosion. Super tart delicious dried morello cherries are combined with a hint of sweet orange. And a tiny pinch of allspice rounds it all off.

CHOC CHIP COOKIE: Chocolate chip cookies– a life-long love! Our bites are a healthy take on an old favourite. We use 72% dark chocolate for a decidedly grown up taste. Perfect for when you just need a little chocolate.

CHOC ORANGE BROWNIE: Healthy has never tasted so naughty! This classic pairing packs an absolute flavour punch. With sweet orange and decadent dark chocolate chips, this rich brownie is a total winner.

MINT CHOC BROWNIE: Minty chocolate never tasted better.

CHOC WALNUT BROWNIE: There’s a reason why walnut brownie is a classic American flavour combo— it’s simply delish! The crunchy walnuts break up this rich, smooth chocolate brownie and a hint of vanilla rounds it all off.




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Emma Smith
Emma Smith

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