Kit Radar was first established in 2016 by Dr Bryan Roberts and Peter Smith as the first online retailer focusing on innovation and technology across all sports. We believe that future of sport is technology and the future of technology is in ground-breaking start-ups. This is why we focus on being the first to sell new and innovative brands in the UK, and celebrate “All Things Innovation in Sport”.

Before founding Kit Radar, both Bryan and Peter worked as R&D specialists in the sporting goods industry, working with clients such as Nike, Reebok, Puma, Mizuno, Lululemon, and many more.



We want you to be the best sports person you can be.

To be the best, we believe you need technology and innovation to do that.

Technology will help you measure your gains, and innovation will help you get there faster

That's why we want to guide you to the right technology for you and your sport.

We aim to list every innovative start-up we can find, but only stock the best for our customers. This reduces the amount of “googling” needed to solve your biggest pains in sport, and you can rely on our expertise to help you pick the best one for your level of sport.

We hope you enjoy browsing!



For general correspondence or questions, email us at info@kitradar.com.


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