by Emma Smith May 18, 2018


These LED caps and headbands by LUMA combine a breathable cap/headband with the efficient and durable LUMA ACTIVE LED system. They are an amazingly practical and lightweight bit of kit that will become indispensable for most outdoor sports in the winter months. From trail running to cross country skiing you will not want to be without one of these reliable and durable bits of headgear. 


LUMA Active Running Headband LUMA Active Running Headband LED LUMA Active Running Headband Hat with lights 

All the caps and headbands have the following great features: 

  • Different light modes for close and long range providing great vision whatever your chosen environment
  • Back lights with different light modes 
  • Smart features for controlling the battery level prevent you from suddenly running out of battery

The ultralight and ergonomic design and the well-conceived and easy to use functions mean that you can fully concentrate on your outdoor activity and experience every step to the fullest. Thanks to the innovative integration mechanism the LED system can be easily removed to wash the cap or to transfer it to another cap.

With two front lights and backlights, the LUMA ACTIVE provides different light modes. In“City Mode", the LED lamp reaches 4 metres, in “Country Mode” 8 metres and in “Off-road Mode” up to 40 metres. The back lights can be used in continuous or flash mode, or can be turned off. The LEDs are fuelled by a powerful battery which can be charged by an integrated micro USB plug. The battery level is shown by an integrated charge indicator. LUMA ACTIVE guarantees even in “Off-Road Mode” a battery life of at least 2.5 hours.

The high quality moisture wicking fabric ensures you are always comfortable whatever your chosen sport. The design covers your ears and combined with the integrated UV provides protection from the elements. 

The lightweight but durable LED system is barely noticeable on your head thanks to its well designed shape and is easily removed so that the cap/headband can be washed.




Emma Smith

Emma is the queen of our social media and editor of the Kit Radar Magazine. Always in pain from running on the track, Emma's has a passion for positive mental health from sport.

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