by Emma Smith June 04, 2018

Fear no flat with GUP, the all-in-one tyre sealant and inflator that seals and inflates tyres. With this one nifty little canister attached to your bike (with the handy holster) flats are no problem. Without having to be weighed down by a spare inner tube, you can neatly and cleanly seal and inflate your tire in seconds. No extra tools are needed and there's no need to even remove your wheel. Meaning less time swearing at your bike, and more time back on it! 

GÜP is formulated to mix with other latex-based sealants, meaning if you need a top up and an injection of air, GÜP works. GÜP will fix tyres with inner tubes as well as tubeless and tubular systems. You can add tubeless sealant to your inner tubes with ease!

  • GÜP inflates a 29" x 2.4" tyre to 29psi or 700c tyre to 90-110psi!
  • GÜP Works with Presta and Schraeder valves without an adapter
  • GUP mixes well with other Latex-Based tubeless sealants
  • GÜP will seal holes in tubeless, tubular and inner-tubed tyres


"The only thing you need to attach to your bike frame...  be gone emergency inner tube!" Off Road CC



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